Faculty of Law Thaksin University
Logo of Faculty
Vision / Mission
Vision / Mission กลับหน้าหลัก

Philosophy of Faculty of Law, Thaksin University

Excellent graduates, Honor virtue, Contribute justice to society


Visions of Faculty of Law, Thaksin University

Excellent in laws and good governance 
To integrate to various knowledge and to develop to international perspective
Excellence in laws and good governance is core purpose
To integrate to various knowledge is core value
To develop to international perspective is visionary goal


Core Value of Faculty of Law, Thaksin University is TOP LEGAL.

T stands for transparency
O stands for one team
P stands for professional
L stands for lawfulness
E stands for ethic
G stands for giver
A stands for amplifying social
L stands for life-long learning 


Missions of Faculty of Law, Thaksin University 

Faculty of Law, Thaksin University, has aligned on the missions of the university as follows;
1. To provide education to produce graduates, develop quality people to meet local, and national needs within ASEAN and the global community.
2. To create and develop research work to serve and direct society including advancing the university to become a research site in the future.
3. To provide academic services and knowledge to society and thus create a strong knowledgeable society.
4. To encourage, support, maintain and develop arts, culture, wisdom and the environment of lower 
Southern Thailand making it valuable for local, national, and ASEAN development.

5. To develop the university universally, meaning the strengthening of expertise of individuals, cultural organizations, and pursuing happiness for personnel in every position.